Guard Service

Our armed security guards provide crime mitigation that is second to none by ensuring that the appropriate strategies are implemented in order to make certain of the safety and security of your property. They maintain a cordial and unassuming watch for intended criminality in the working environment. Our armed officers are in full uniform and remain vigilant and alert at all times, both to serve as a deterrent to prospective criminals and to apprehend suspicious persons before any crime is attempted.
These guards conduct scheduled, regular patrols of the buildings or compound for which they are assigned and are monitored by Geographical Positioning System (GPS) technology at all times, especially during night patrols. As a quality assurance measure, the readings from these tracking systems are processed and analyzed by Secure St. Lucia supervisors.
In a typical deployment plan, we provide officers and shift leaders for each shift. Guards are posted at security offices or station and tasked with undertaking random patrols of the area. Additional officers are stationed at key areas like entrance gates or reception/administration areas. Shifts are conducted in specific intervals, with the number of required shifts determined by the security needs of the client. These security personnel monitor activities of workers and guests, log details of these activities, and prepare daily reports for the client that include details on violations, irregularities, emergencies, or any unusual circumstances.