Event Security

Our security teams receive training in deployment skills necessary for special events. Our deployment strategy includes securing property, staff, and the operating environment. We secure and control staff entrances and main entrance/exit gates. We perform regular checks on perimeter fences, locks, and lights. We maintain logs of entries onto the property, including securing and controlling vehicular entries and exits. We report and conduct follow-ups on any unusual occurrences on compounds. And we are able to provide these services on a twenty-four hour basis if requested.
At special event functions, our security staff monitors all entrance and exit gates, including all foot and vehicular traffic. They conduct checks on perimeter fences, as well as areas where staff and guests gather. They maintain security logs of all major events and create reports and conduct follow-ups on any unusual occurrences. Any keys or passes received by security personnel for use during their shifts are tracked in a log book to ensure assignment and safe receipt of the items at shift completion.