Cash Transfer

Our Cash in Transit (CIT) service guarantees protection from pickup at the client’s property to depository at a designated bank. Our specific duties include:

  • Monitoring and surveilling routes and any suspicious activity from our central operating base to the client’s property
  • Assuming strategic positioning to onsite storage facilities
  • Armed CIT crews in defensive positions near armoured vehicles and entrances to buildings
  • Control of personnel as they enter and exit from compounds
In addition to our uniformed armed guards, Secure St. Lucia operates a fleet of vehicles which can transport security personnel to and from their various locations, as well as for cash escort services. We currently operate two state-of-the-art armored vehicles specifically for cash transfer services with bullet proof windscreens and windows.
In Cash in Transit (CIT) situations, we can arrange for our CIT team to arrive at the client’s location at a predetermined time. The team includes armed officers as well as a driver who remains with our armoured vehicle throughout the transaction. One officer is strategically placed near the entrance of the building while another officer collects the cash and returns it to the awaiting armoured vehicle. The officers can, for example, proceed to the designated banking institution for the deposit. All transactions are constantly logged and saved for record keeping purposes.